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Asparagus and Microgreens

Every year I panic waiting for the asparagus to come up. I’m sure that it won’t come up or that I sprayed too late for weeds and killed everything accidentally. This year the weather has stayed cooler and spears came up about 10 days later than usual.

But they’re here now. I went out this morning and did a second cutting. Look at how gorgeous these are:

Years before we put in the asparagus bed, I made a recipe for spring asparagus with biscuits and chicken I found on the asparagus growers website. Jared and the kids loved it, and it’s become a family traditionnfor at least 15 years now — so long that the website doesn’t even seem to exist anymore.

The recipe is essentially a white sauce with cooked chicken and fresh asparagus served over biscuits. I’m still laid up after my wrist surgery, but my culinarily-gifted seventeen year-old daughter will be able to make it, I’m sure.

I also cut the microgreens I planted outside two weeks ago. I don’t think I’d do this out of doors again — the weeds are mixing in with them and bugs have eaten some of the little plants — but we are excited to garnish our traditional meal with the microgreens. These are a “mild” mix that I got from Johnny’s,but I think they are still pretty peppery.

The roses and irises are looking good. I have asparagus volunteers coming up all over the place because we did not harvest or clean up as much as we should have last year. I don’t mind too much — those skinny spears make a fantastic treat, even when several feet tall!

Posted by Jenny Smith

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