Youth Conference Pains

I received a text from my Young Women President roomie today:

I so remember this. For our last youth conference I managed to be in Morocco — but I ended up having to leave my minivan so the bishop could use it to drive a load of kids the 3 hours there and back to youth conference.

Church service is the same painful slog everywhere. I feel so sorry for her. It’s been almost a year since my release, but it has been so cathartic to see her struggling the same way I did. It’s not just me!

But I wish it were just me for her sake….

Author: Jenny Smith

I'm Jenny Smith. I keep up with three cars, two kids, one husband, and I live on 300+ acres of rolling farmland in Northern Virginia where we look after an elderly relative. I like tomatoes, all things Star Trek, watercolor, and reading. I spend most days in the garden fighting deer and groundhogs as I pursue a graduate degree. I'm trying to be like Jesus -- emphasis on the trying.

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