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Wednesday Update – Self-inflicted Wounds

I’m posting this a day late, but I took most all these pictures yesterday:

Today’s edible harvest — 10 cherry tomatoes and 1 Roma
The inedible harvest. It’s a better boy — I hope that isn’t blossom end rot

I did my spraying (no Miracle-Gro again this week). At the end I had a little bit of leftover fungicide/insecticide mix left and so I just tossed it around on some plants. They say wise people learn from their mistakes and super wise people learn from other people’s mistakes. Well, here’s your chance to be super wise:

The tomatoes I splashed stuff on burned in the 90+ degree heat in just a few hours. Don’t do this :-(

Here are some other pictures of the rest of the garden:

And some more of the flowers:

I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the herb bucket and it shriveled up in the heat, too, as did the new red barberry. Im trying to bring them back with water:

So, it was a bad day in the garden, totally self-inflicted.

We did get the motion-activated sprinkler set up in the garden, not that there’s much to protect now :-(

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