Weightloss failure

I guess I should post about the attempt at losing weight….

I started working out, and almost immediately my hands started bothering me. A way lot. I stopped sleeping and decided to go to the dr, but by the time that I realized it was my hands hurting, we were practically en route to S. Korea. So anyway. Failed at that.

I did go to the dr about my hands. My symptoms this time are more like ulnar tunnel syndrome than carpal tunnel: mostly in my pinky and ring finger. I got a referral to a neurologist to try to get some help, though, and some Celebrex to help the pain.

The trip to Korea was good — I wrote this long beautiful blog entry while I was there, and lost it because I unplugged the IP phone the internet was running through. I haven’t been motivated to write any more since…..

I’m now officially a fan of Facebook. I love that I can keep up with friends and family all in the same place! Add me!

Did some more on the redesign at . This websites redo is going very slowly. I think it would be faster for me to upload the activities by hand rather than asking Jared to do it. For sure the object lessons will be faster if I just do them. I think that’s what I’ll do so that I can get this closer to finish. SO TIRED OF WAITING ON EVERYONE ELSE!