Ah — the sweet relief of feeling productive…..

Today I cleaned rugs, put shelves in the closet and rearranged all the cleaning supplies, updated pricing for Crowning Jewel, paid Specialties, emailed the (new) Bishop, enlisted a new VTer, called my secretary and Ed counselor and a sick member, and have done a little on the website. And it’s not even 3PM! I’ve really gotten a good bit done this week, considering. I’ve been struggling with some depression and it’s been good to feel a little better.

On a crummy note, our ShareBuilder account is down 24%, the kids’ 529 is now below basis, and our 401k retirement fund has evaporated. Stupid overspenders have hurt us all, and I don’t expect the Obama “Throw Money At It” philosophy to help any. We’re hemorraghing money — thank goodness there has been a drop in oil prices to keep the recession from worsening.

I have updated the website to have special node display templates for object lessons, primary talks, blogs, and activities. It’s helping already, I think. I also added little sticker things to encourage users to post a comment or share their ideas. So far not one person has shared an activity idea or object lesson, and I used to get those several times a week before. The new website is harder to use for the uninitiated, but I’ll get it better.

Last night I went with some women from Church to see Confessions of a Shopaholic. I would NEVER have paid $10 to see it on my own, but really, it was pretty funny. A good chick flick. I can’t believe what movie tickets cost. I love my Netflix.

Jared ordered me some roses from ProFlowers. They wilted IMMEDIATELY. I put them in water Thursday night, and all but 2 buds were wilted by the next morning. We’ve never gotten such poor flowers from them before. Jared was so disappointed.

I think I didn’t help matters later….. Jared had planned to surprise me last night by writing “Surprise” and taking me somewhere for Valentine’s day, but I had already planned the girls’ night out. For today, all I want him to do is clean house and work on stuff. I am not really the we have to go out on Valentine’s Day kind. I’m not good at celebrating any kind of anniversary or holiday or birthday. Just don’t care. But I think he wanted to go out. So I’ll call ASL to see if she wants to sit the kids so we can go out and fight the crowds…..