I’m pretty sure my tomatoes have Septoria Leaf Spot. Arg.

The Roma tomatoes seem to have it the worst, and they are the tallest, so I picked off the worst branches hoping that the rain won’t splash more infected soil on them. I’ve sprayed them and the new tomatoes (blemish free) with Daconil. I’ll be sure to mulch around the base of the new tomatoes, too. Now I’m not sure if I should scrap the first tomatoes and start over or try to save them. I think I’ll wait one week to see if it gets worse. If so, they’re all going in the trash and I’ll just start over.

I did decide to leave the blooms alone. I have read you should pinch them off until the tomato becomes a foot tall, and other places say leave them once the plant is established. All these are definitely established, and after finding that tomato today, plus the fact of the leaf spot, none of these may be long for this world anyway. They may as well try to reproduce.