YW President Perks

I was texting a friend this morning about another friend I was concerned about (trying to help from the background, as is my wont) and got reminded I should text and check in on one of my graduated YW who has moved to Mesa. LOL. Best conversation ever!

Apparently Mesa is, in fact, Nirvana. It’s positively teeming with spiritual, date-able returned missionaries. Girl had me giggling so hard! Every woman needs younger girls around to remind us of what it’s like to be a girl.

Yesterday I went over to talk to a mother and daughter in the ward and the daughter is having boy troubles. Oh my gosh. So fun. My own daughter updates me every day on how many texts she gets from DLT (definitely not DJT, for the record). I love these girls so much. I need laughs now more than ever, and they provide them. How blessed I am to get to associate with these good young women!

Posted by Jenny Smith

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