IMG 2891 Young Women Bracelet Kit with Sparkly Bling!

Young Women Bracelet Kit with Sparkly Bling!

I’ve been planning to update my Young Women Jewelry Kit for some time now, and today it finally happened!  You have got to check out my new Young Women Bracelet Kit with Sparkly Rhinestone Rondelle Spacers!

I had so much fun shopping for and practicing with these new rondelle spacers!  I have never used them before, but they add so much class to my simple value beads.  Let’s face it — a little bling never hurt anyone, and these bracelets have just the right amount.  I gave the prototype to my Laurel adviser as a birthday gift on Sunday, and she loved it!

I spent much of the afternoon taking pictures of how to make the bracelet.  I will post a step by step guide on my other side in the next few days, but inthe mean time, take a look at these cute pictures:

My wrist with the blingy new young women bracelet!
This is the best shot I could get. I wish I had known about these spacers before. They are so great!


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