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While I am creating a new theme for MormonShare — one that will be easier to navigate — the menus will be messed up. Please be patient! Something better is coming!

I have improved several articles, brought back the more idiot proof sub-sub menus on the left side for RS and YW (Primary is yet to come), FIXED THE YW LESSON PAGES, and have added a couple of new articles.

The new site design will make it much easier to share content. I am adding a SHARE and a FIND section to the top of the page that will help users find what they’re looking for and share great ideas more easily.

If you are an editor, you are welcome to tag forum entries. I have completed the YW forum, but the others still need to be tagged in order to index properly.

The next step will be to make the forms more user friendly (stupid Drupal).

JUNE 6, 2008
Today I am tagging entries in the forum, and I thought it might be good to begin testing the new site design. I will probably change colors, et cetera, but the new theme will be basically in this style. It is my hope that the new “find” and “share” sections at the top of the page will help users find and share content more easily.

JULY 9, 2009
The site debuted 2 weeks ago with the new theme, but we found that nodes of content type page weren’t displaying properly, which broke the LDS Clipart, Object Lessons, and Primary Talks sections of the site. I switched back to the old family on the couch theme. DH fixed my error last night, and so now the new theme is officially released.

I have yet to organize the Primary menus and articles, but I hope to finish that today. Other than that the new theme is live!

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