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Website saga continues

I’ve made lots of progress today: finished tagging the entire activities database and uploaded all the Young Women articles. There were about 20 bad entries in the activities db, but I still ended up with 460. Now that they’re tagged, it will really make Jared’s job easy for the import.

It took me about 8 hours to finish tagging activities. That’s probably about the same amount of time it would take him to write logic to connect the 3 relational tables to the new structure, but if I can do something like that — it’s 8 hours I can use of his elsewhere in the site. Plus, I was able to index the text by keyword and calling, which I would have had to do anyway eventually. Just imagine having the ability to find everything posted here that relates to a term or your calling….

Yeah, it’s awesome.

Imported the YW articles. There are some images that are broken, and I really should import them as nodes. Not sure if I will or not…. I guess there’s less than 10, but they’re of minor importance in the scheme of things.

Jared is *hoping* to have the last of the tagging logic completed today for the images. He’s been finishing that code for a little over 12 hours (he estimated 8 – ha!). If he gets that done tonight, I’ll soon be the proto-God (is that sacrilegious?) of over 3000 media entries, tagged by auxiliary and keyword. The rest of the data imports will be simple compared to this and will go tons faster. It’s at least conceivable I could have all the data imported this weekend…. Wow.

That’s assuming that Jared spends his free time coding for me while he’s out of town, instead of eating out with the other Nerd Types. I expect it will come down to me cussing him at the end of the month, as usual.

Next I’ve got to import all the RS and Primary articles. That will be my project tomorrow. Then I’ll import and tag the old phpBB forum into Drupal using the module. I think the latest fix is still in the -dev version, but I can live with out it.

Next step is menu display and fixing internal links that say “search-lds-clipart.php?search=xx”. I have to determine if I’m going to allow access to the EVERDADGUMTHANG list of terms or not. I may leave that out in order to encourage registration and thereby encourage commenting and article writing as well. It will take some time to figure out how I want each item displayed. I think it will require some work in Panels, but as I haven’t installed that yet, I’m not 100% on that.

During the last week of the month I will be putting the final touches on the theme and designing a front page. If there’s time, I will write some help bubbles.

After that, I’ve got to determine which module to use for the link directory and implement that code. Then I will begin adding and tagging lnks, but that’s also low priority.

At the same time I will add the images from the new Nursery manual and the old Friend magazines and my inbox.

It sounds crazy, but the end really is in sight!

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