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This website just got awesomer

Okay.  That’s a terrible title.  But the site did get awesomer yesterday!

For years I’ve been collecting and aggregating feeds of several blogs out there trying to send traffic to them.  Smaller websites have fantastic ideas, but often they don’t get enough traffic to let them know their posts are worthwhile and appreciated.  They sometimes lack the time or expertise to get viewers to come to their sites to see the great ideas they share.  Another major problem with feed aggregation is that LDS blogs come and go.  A primary music leader starts a blog, it’s crazy popular, they are released in a year and a half, called as bulletin board coordinator, and the blog dies with no updates. 

There’s been no good way for me to index this great content other than having to maintain constantly changing lists of RSS feeds.

Until now!

Now I’m using RSS to import and create INDEXEDABLE NODES that contain content related to lesson creation and handouts.  Now, if a blog stops updating, it doesn’t matter.  A link and description exists on my site with that content indexed and directing users to that old, still-useful content.  Those posts are searchable (in the search box) and indexable (currently only in the activities section). 

If you have a blog that is content specific — ie, only contains blog posts related to a certain church topic, please let me know.  I will be happy to help your site get more attention by directing my users get the information they need for preparing better lessons.  Just email me with your feed.

Some blogs are personal blogs and the lesson-related content is mixed up in recipes and other types of content.  I am not sure yet if I will try to index those type of general purpose blogs any time soon.  For now, I am focusing on indexing auxilary or content specific blogs to help users find the fantastic information being put out there online by some of the smaller websites. 

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