photo Tomatoes planted

Tomatoes planted

After last year’s disaster, I decided to try again growing my own tomatoes from seed.  This year I’ve planted six varieties:

My little stakes are drinking straws with a sticker on the end.  Last year’s method of labeling the position in the “greenhouse” didn’t work too well when it came time to plant.  My daddy had a time with his tomatoes because he used wooden stakes that soaked up the water and ruined his labels.  I’m hoping the plastic works.

The Italian tomatoes can’t be linked to because they are from tomato seeds I got from some tomatoes at the grocery store in Italy when I was there a couple of years ago, so I have no idea what variety they actually are.  The grape tomato has done pretty well in years past.

This, btw, is the Jiffy Tomato Greenhouse.  I couldn’t find the right peat pucks to refill the greenhouse I saved from last year, so I just bought a new one instead.


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