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Tomato sandwich

This right here is why you should grow your own tomatoes:

These tomatoes could not be any more perfectly ripe. We had them in tomato sandwiches for lunch today (with and without bacon):

Perfect tomato sandwich

Lordy me, they tasted divine.

Several of the tomatoes I picked last week had splits or bugs that I didn’t notice and they went bad, so I pulled all the tomatoes out, washed them, sorted them, and spread them out to ripen over the next few weeks:

I think we will be enjoying fresh, homegrown tomato sandwiches until mid-November easily. After that I have several bags of frozen tomatoes and sauce that will get us through the bad season of poor tomatoes (February-April) until I get some raised up again at the end of June, assuming we don’t go to Europe next summer instead.

Jared picked up the first load of gravel today, so I think I’ll go out and try to get it moved. The weather is supposed to get a good bit colder next week, and I want to get these beds in before it’s too cold to work. It’s so exciting to have them near completion! The plastic I put down as a barrier is not completely opaque and weeds are growing underneath it. I’m not sure what I should do about it. I found some leftover shingles Jared had in the old shed, and I may use those to line the space just in case. Decisions.

Yesterday I power washed the back patio and steps. I hope to get the rest of the sidewalk done today or tomorrow. After the main bed is covered in plastic and the hardscaping is finished, I’m thinking I’ll calling it good for the season.

But right now, this tomato sandwich is singing to me like a muse….

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