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Terrible Day

I felt terrible after this lesson today. I can honestly say that this is the first time I was glad to see the kids go. It really wasn’t a bad lesson, but I just could not get the kids to STOP TALKING. It was so rude and distracting. I actually had to have the worst offenders come up and sit by me like kindergartners. Horrible. I even cried after they left.

Great start to Valentine’s Day. :(

We talked about a student who has not been attending (isn’t enrolled) and I asked the kids to invite him to class when they see him. It turns out he’s in the class of some of our newer students and they didn’t know (because he has only attended church twice in the past few years). His first name happens to be Elijah and he told me that he was interested in learning about his namesake, and we’ll be covering Elijah later in the week. I hope he comes. I think he’d like Seminary if he’d try it.

The lesson got started very late. I had a student lead the class in Magic Squares. She happens to be terrible at it, but she likes to be in front of the group. I was going to do it myself, but I like them to be involved. *sigh*

And then 8 kids showed up late. Yes. EIGHT. I really am glad when they come late — I’m just glad they’re attending, but seriously: EIGHT?

And then the lesson was about Solomon’s 1000 wives and concubines. My material was pretty good, but the kids were on one. I guess it was because today was Valentine’s day and all this talk of 1000 women…..

Anyway. I had some good cross references (1 Kings 8:61 and Deuteronomy 7:1–8) to help us understand some of the phrasing in the lesson. I also spent a little time talking about what it means to go fully after the Lord.

Maybe part of the problem was that we forgot to sing the opening song. That always helps people switch gears. Whatever it was, I am just glad it’s over. I am trying to find a sub for tomorrow so that I can go visit other classrooms, but I may not be able to find one. Maybe I’ll just cancel class.

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