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A couple of years back I was introduced to StrongBad by a Homestar Runner fan on our family website. Back when Mormon Share started going up and down, I started a list of StrongBads that were my favorite. Here’s the partially complete list. This list is in reverse chronological order, so you should start at the bottom if you’re not familiar with StrongBad.

Jenny’s Favorite StrongBad emails:

Lappy – being mean is the best choice, Nice Dad – Dreammail Boring by the end, but the talking laptop is awesome. – kinds of radio – from the right side of the screen comes a man with a plastic rectangle; classy start up sound

386 – 386 gets a virus – a montage with a wagon full of pancakes “you’re a girl, or a wagon full of pancakes.” – Dangeresque – Strong Bad Theme Park – Did you say doing? No, my propeller PLAYS the theme song to Night Court when you spin it. – video game of strong bad; click the games at the end – colonization of Strongbadia – draw a dragon – japanese cartoon strongbad – morning routine – blue screen of death – foreign emailer – a spectacle of graphics and sound: the 386

TANDY – CUH-HOLD ones – yeah, i play guitar – computer crash – computer explodes; gears – the future is you … probably; art test is so we can make fun of you – what do you think of the English – repeat emails DELETED – duck pond simulator – emails with grammar – long name – Brian loves you – use your powers for good or for awesome

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