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Social Distancing

I’m trying to pretend that I’m not fReaKinG out about coronavirus, so today I put in some peas. I let them soak almost two days and planted about 6 feet on my bean trellis. There were so many left and I’m planting a little late, so I decided to plant some in the shady spots on the back side of the house to see if they’d put on. I’m not confident they will do anything, but it’s no big deal for them to go there as they aren’t in the way of the mower.

Yesterday I got my first tomato seedlings:

Stupice Day 3 sprouts

And today I got several more:

Tim’s Black Ruffles (top) and Stupice (bottom) Day 4

I cut the Press and Seal away from the cells to let the little seedlings grow straighter. I also upped the temperature on my heat mat from 75°F to 80°F.

None of the seeds I ordered have come in, and I’m getting very grumpy about it. I ordered them March 4, which isn’t really that long ago, but Prime shipping has ruined me.

Snow White arrived, but it was badly damaged and died almost instantly. That was a $12 plant with shipping. The seller won’t respond to my request for a replacement, and I will not be buying another. No white cherry tomatoes for me.

Pandemic Party

Years ago I bought and stored some cleaning supplies for a pandemic — might have been bird flu. We have been using the Lysol spray whenever someone has the flu, but it turns out my stash is decent:

Virus be gone

We spent several hundred dollars stocking up the freezer with frozen vegetables and such, but mainly we got things to supplement our food storage. I have probably 100 pages of food storage recipes I’ve collected and filed over the last twenty years. We are going to make an adventure out of trying the recipes out and seeing what’s good — mainly as a way to keep Sydney occupied as she loves to cook.

I flipped out and bought Caleb (And his fiancée) a plane ticket home. He lives with some frat boys, and I’m sure I’d something went sideways he’d be left to the wolves. I’ll feel better with him home.

Sydney is making a bucket list of things to do during her quarantine. She has already ground whole wheat flour to make artisan bread and has made horchata from our food storage rice. I am excited to finally be using some of this food storage, and Sydney wants to make cooking videos which is fine with me, too.

I bought this wheat in 2007, and this grinder some years later. Finally getting some use out of it.

I’m expecting to be “distant” for two months or so. Sydney is already saying she’s bored. Tonight we will go out for a previously arranged visit to the movies, but after that I expect to be kicking around the house for a long time.

She will do better once Caleb and Emma are here, I hope.

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