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Seminary Basic Doctrines Assessment

I didn’t realize there was a form for assessing student understanding of Seminary lessons until I accidentally found it last year on the Seminary and Institutes website.  I suppose that this file is mostly used by full time Seminary teachers, but I am going to try it in my class tomorrow to see where I can direct my lessons so that students understand the gospel better.

Some of the questions are poorly worded, but I think the assessment has some value.  For multiple choice questions, the test is suprisingly difficult.  I’m using version A, and it gets easier as the test goes along thankfully.  The first time I took the test, I didn’t get a 100%.  It’s not easy.  There is a self assessment at the end that I hope will be valuable. 

There are three versions of the test that you can access by typing “basic doctrines assessment packets” in the search box at the top of the SI website.  You must have an LDS Login account and be listed as a Seminary teacher in MLS to access the files.

I will report back with the results of our test when I get it all put in the computer.

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