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Day two — successful completion!

Today was scripture study helps. When I split our class into zones, I made sure each zone had at least one Freshman. Today we played scripture mastery jeopardy Mentor/Minion style.

Upperclassmen were Mentors, and Freshmen were Minions. The Mentors were responsible to teach their Minions some valuable things about the scripture study helps in preparation to play Jeopardy. Before class I wrote some sample questions on the board to help teaching. I gave them 10 minutes on the timer and a few instructions, and set them loose, having taken down the chairs and set up a couple of groups of 4 chairs for each zone. Mentors did a surprisingly good job. There was some goofing, but not as much as I expected. I walked around and answered questions and gave tips. Setting a timer makes a big difference in the goof-off factor.

For the game play, the kids all came back and gathered around the TV. Zone Leaders chose questions for their Minions to answer. Minions answered questions, but if they needed help, they lost half points. Other groups could steal as long as they had the answer ready immediately. It was fun! My questions were on the difficult side, but they are real world questions that a student might ask. I got a couple of texts from parents saying their kids had a great time, so I think it was successful.

You can see the questions and answers to the game here:

or play the scripture mastery jeopardy game online here:

The questions are slanted to New Testament study. My Final Jeopardy question wasn’t too great when I came to think of it, but as long as the kids can be relied on to be honest, it works.

I took a couple of photos of the kids for use in birthday gifts, and the kids voted to do monthly birthday celebration breakfasts. I think weekly food is too frequent, and the kids thought quarterly was too infrequent, so monthly it is :-).

The bus continues to be a source of consternation to me. It came today at 7:15am (as predicted). The kids were standing outside nearly 25 minutes in the cold. If the bus continues coming so late, we will move our start time forward to 6:15 starting Monday, and I’ll let the kids out at 7:05am so they don’t have to wait so long on the bus to come.

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