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Rebuked by Brother Joseph

I was doing some research on a quote I found about Gog and Magog in the History of the Church, when I read Joseph rip on Willard Richards for not noting weather and stuff in the record.

It got me to thinking about my lack of journaling. I am pretty lame about it, no lie. I am glad to blog, though, At least that gets me to record some things. And Facebook is like micro-journaling to some extent. But I don’t journal enough. I read some of my old diary entries from back in junior high school and enjoyed them. It was fun to read about myself just starting out in Seminary and what I thought about it. (I liked it.) My grandma Monk writes every day and has for years and years. I need to do better.

So anyway, Brother Joseph, the weather was crummy this weekend, though we got some desperately needed rain. It was a slow soaking rain that my garden will appreciate. I almost have the garden full of tomatoes (10!!!), cabbages, carrots, squash, muskmelon, potatoes, and cauliflower. I’ve got lettuce and salad greens in the cut flower bed along with strawberries, chives, cilantro, and parsley in the herb beds. Added rosemary and mint this week. We put the mint inside trashcans with gravel in the bottom to try to keep it from taking over the entire bed. It was a surprise to discover that Roxbury Farms downtown carries several of the plants that I usually buy from Burpee online. I think I will stop buying seeds. We only grow a few of everything and the cost of 4 plants is less than a packet of seeds anyway.

The CSA starts in May. Last year they had almost 3 weeks of eggplant — so I think I’m going to have to learn how to cook it! Also — kohlrabi? What on earth is that?

DD’s birthday party was this weekend. After about 3 hours of squealing girls, I was finished. Jared took the last hour or so until they fell asleep watching movies around 11. She had a good time, and I think the others did, too. She had a friend come over and do hair and nails for everyone. I made panda cupcakes and pizza lollipops, which were a big hit. We also did decorate your own mini cupcakes, which also was a hit. Pancakes for breakfast.

DD got sick from heatstroke this Saturday. She’s been working hard to make herself throw up (she thinks I’m dumb), but hasn’t been successful. She was still a little ill on Sunday, though, and so I took her home early instead of staying for choir. Our friend who hasn’t been to church in nearly 6 months started attending out of the blue on Sunday. I’m glad to see her back, but stringing us all along for these months hasn’t been cool. I admit to being more than a little frustrated and have taken a step back. I really think she’s mildly bipolar, since she seems to cycle in and out of depression like this every few years. I’ve tried to talk her into counseling, which she admits she needs, but hasn’t been.

The Fredericksburg Garden Show is tomorrow, and I hope to find someone to go with. Maybe ASL or Betty…..

The work we did on the website over spring break was pretty much a bust. Jared was unable to get the site up and running. :( I don’t know what to do. I hope he can get it going soon though. It cost me $5000 in hosting for the two servers last year, and it will be worse this year if he doesn’t get it together.

Finished our taxes. Didn’t owe anything, which is always a relief.

Daddy came up for a few days last week for a meeting with ASL’s financial advisor. I don’t know what they’ve got going, but at least the new gal seems to be working hard at it, unlike the other dude she had.

Melissa and Co were planning to come up in July, but it sounds like her SIL is getting married and they may not come after all. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t relieved. :)

I’ve been subbing for David in his Sunday School class of rowdy 14-15 year olds. They have a reputation for being the worst at church. Two weeks, and I have them under control behaviorally, but I’m not certain that controlling them is enough. I want them to engage. I pulled out the stops this week and had visual aids and we sat on the floor, built a wall around the temple, made tents, put a tiny lego King Benjamin on his tower……. Didn’t seem to get through. I have had to be a little bit authoritarian with them, and I felt like maybe it was a little bit too much last week. The tone wasn’t mean, but it was “I expect better”. I am doing research about that age group to see what I can figure out. It’s definitely different teaching them than my high school aged Seminary students. Next year I bet they’re angels, as long as teachers don’t let them run all over them this year. (David won’t ) But it’d be nice to figure out how to engage with them….. I love me a puzzle.

The kids are doing well. DS seems to be morphing back into a human again. Wow. This middle school age is pretty horrible. I read just today that most behavioral issues reported in schools are during middle school. They make up a majority of reports (40% and up), though those grades are only about 25% of the student body. I guess when you’re teaching that age you have to expect disruptive behavior….. I’ve about squelched that in this class, but I want them to be able to comment appropriately and engage with the scriptures. They really are amazing if they’ll just give it a chance.

DD is doing volleyball and DS is continuing with piano. He’s getting better all the time. He’s earned back his computer, and so he’s becoming extremely nerdy. :) EXTREMELY. Jared took a new job and is under a LOT less stress. It’s nice to see him at ease after so long in a high pressure gig. I didn’t realize how it was affecting him until he moved on. I’m glad he’s getting to do something different, although I’m not convinced about the longevity of this new gig. Time to build up the savings.

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