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Oh, Deer

I usually don’t have any trouble with deer in the yard. I guess the buffet bar I’ve planted has proven to be too much for them this year.

Sydney wanted to go to get ice cream last night (“Let’s dress up, mom, because it’s my next to last day of school!”) and so we loaded her and the boys up and went to Sonic. When we arrived home Jared saw a deer. I didn’t think much of it until I went out this morning and saw this:

Granny, get yer gun

I’ve been making all sorts of violent threats all day long. What I really did was spray some Deer Off I had in the shed. I hope that it works.

Today’s harvest was nice despite the deer massacre:

Another cherry tomato and sugar snap peas

To my surprise, the squash came up, even the butternut! The hole that got dug up is behind but I can see where it’s starting to sprout, too:

I checked the kohlrabi again for bugs, but it’s looking pretty good:

And the bush beans — what?!?!?! They are coming up like crazy! I love seeing them sprout and grow:

The second planting of Lima beans have not sprouted, though all of the garden of eden sprouted except one seed :

The tomatillos are doing even better with the part shade, I think, but I can see them straining for the light. I may move them to a different spot.

Lean toward the light, little tomatillos, but don’t go toward it!

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