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It’s unofficially official: Salt Lake has given the go ahead and the ward is splitting before school starts.


I was praying the whole thing would fall through after I first heard about it, but I felt guilty and all, so I started praying that everything would work out the best for our family instead. I am not looking forward to doubling my gas bill (quadrupling if we get called to leadership positions) to travel to the new ward, being with a ton of people we don’t know, having DS be the only kid in the ward in his middle school, losing nearly all our friends, and having the kids come home in a few weeks to all new classes. I feel like we’re being picked on. All I can do now is hope that God heard me and is doing what’s best for us, even though it makes no sense in any way. So, I will be the shortest lived YW secretary ever, I guess. Called last Sunday and released within 6 weeks. I’ll try to do like our old Bishop said and sprint to the finish though.

I pushed the new theme live last night. Fixed a few bugs this morning, and now I will kick back and bask in the shinynewness of it all. I’ve been praying to find a way to make the content easier to find and search. The site has gotten so large/flexible/awesome that it’s really difficult to find sensible ways to organize it all with out confusing visitors. I will watch my stats next month to see if my page views per visitor goes up. Back in my heyday, I used to average 8 page views per visitor. Now I’m averaging just under 6. If I can get that number up, I think it will demonstrate that people are poking around and finding more and more ideas each time they visit.

Today I did a little cleaning and went to Wal-Mart. I am about to leave to help April with her website for a few hours. I’m afraid last time I discouraged her a little by telling her what to expect doing retail online. Hopefully she’ll do well.

Jared is coming home tomorrow, and I am relieved. I have gotten a ton of work done during this time alone. I will be able to start working on the packaging design for the products next week. Maybe I’ll spend the weekend painting. The weather is supposed to be cooler, so I might get inspired and go pull some weeds in the garden. Our garden is horrible right now. No rain, weeds to my hips, deer eating the tomato plants, and now I’ve got to figure out what to do about it. I am ready to till the whole thing under and start over in the fall.

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