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Nice weekend

Saturday got off to a slow start, but we got lots done outside. I have the paint to finish up the porches, and our opening roof specialists is finally done working on our deck. What a relief to have that finished! We used the leftover shingles from the house as weed barrier — silly I know, but at least it’ll be permanent. Jared finally got to work on shed, and he has a plan to resurrect the roof using Seamless Liquid Rubber Roof Coatings. It’s nice to see at least part of it upright. The mower is now in the shed, but covered with a tarp :). The kids were really good helpers. This gardening is good for them, I think. They are learning weeds from plants and love to go pick veggies outside. I now have a plan for rearranging the flowers to look more formal. And I have a pretty good idea of what else I need to get blooms all season long. Once it gets going, I hope the garden will be pretty much self sustaining.

Church was good today. Welfare meeting, then regular church. I had stayed up late with Jared watching TV and didn’t get much sleep. He made blueberry chocolate crepes this morning and was so excited about it he wants to buy another pan so he can make them faster :). Jared is quite the cook.

I am enjoying our meetings more and more. It seems like this new group is getting in their groove. Today I actually had the quote of the day “You’re talking Chick!” All the married guys assumed that I was speaking in innuendo (wasn’t) and it caused a brief misunderstanding. Funny. And then Bishop Stokes told everyone they’d have their chance to be Bishop — “Not me!!!” It was fun. It’s nice to laugh a little when the topics are so serious. I’ll miss working with these good brethren.

And Emily is so nice to work with! She got back from her trip last night, and I decided not to call her to remind her about Welfare, so she could take a break, but she totally remembered on her own! It’s so nice to have someone supporting you that is a self-starter. Enrichment is coming up in July. We had a better response for signups than Emily and Shellie were expecting, I think, and I think it’s going to be just fine to have a summer activity. The attendance may not be as great as our Fall and Spring activities, but at least we won’t be burdening families as school gets started like we have sometimes done.

Bertie is not doing well, and it looks like she won’t be here long. I hope to go tomorrow to see her and bring her some cards. Masina and her family are moving, and I will go over to help clean up the house in the afternoon.

My floors have not been mopped in days, maybe even over a week. I hope to do that and start on rearranging the furniture tomorrow, too. But that is wishful thinking, probably. I’m feeling contented for a change. It’s nice. :D

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