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My heart is racing….

Tomorow’s the big day — Seminary starts. My stomach is churning and I’ve not been able to sleep well this past week. We are having some trouble with DS, and when compounded with my anxiety about Seminary and the shoulder pains, it’s been a rough week. I’ve been practicing getting up on time. I forgot how much I like getting up early. This schedule will really help me get going in the mornings. Today I printed the SLAMM and APPLY posters and hung them up. I also did some refining on my Plan of Salvation lesson. I will probably prepare a short lesson for Education, the Key to Opportunity as well.

I have to say, the “Key to Opportunity” videos were not too great. I think in my class there isn’t really a need for too much emphasis on this topic anyway. This is a upper middle class area and most of these kids come from families where both parents are college educated. I can’t think of even one that isn’t, in fact. I’ve got only one Senior, too, and she is very driven. Her siblings have all attended universities and she knows the drill. I will probably stretch out plan of salvation over those two days and only spend a few minutes on Education.

I was able to get the toilet installed in the basement with DS’s help yesterday. I had to call a plumber in Sydney for help when it became apparent that DS had not installed bolts of the correct length in the floor. I had the right idea on how to lengthen them (all thread bars with a coupling nut), but I didn’t know how to do it. Anyway after learning more about it from my plumber, it was really pretty easy after we jumped the bolt hurdle. It flushes and doesn’t leak and there’s plenty of space for a nice, wide vanity. Thankfully, we have a Trustworthy Tennessee Plumber nearby.

Jared is on his way home from Ohio now. DS went over to his scout leader’s house to plan for the upcoming court of honor. It’s Stake Conference today, so I’ve got extra time around the house. Then I watched Sherlock with the kids (LOVE it!) and I fell asleep watching Macgyver.

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