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Leviticus 10 – Priesthood

I think today we learned some stuff that got us thinking. I hope some of it stuck, especially for our young Aaronic priesthood holders.

On the board I wrote “Why is it important that priesthood ordinances be performed by those who are clean inside and outside?” and “What happens if a priesthood ordinance is done incorrectly?”

First we read Leviticus 10:1–2. I explained what was happening. Mentioned what the word “strange” meant. In addition to not of us, it could mean pagan, as in don’t go after strange gods. Whichever, Nadab and Abihu performed the ordinance incorrectly.

I mentioned about how God commanded Aaron not to do traditional mourning rituals for his sons. We discussed why.

Then we read Leviticus 10:19. I explained to them what was happening — Aaron performed his ordinance “wrong”, too. Why wasn’t he burned up like his sons? Aaron explains to Moses that in the case of this sin offering, he is acting as someone who needs forgiveness, not as a priest. He is acting as a father, sorry for what happened with his sons.

So why wasn’t he roasted? When a priest mis-reads the sacrament prayers during our meetings, why isn’t there a big fireball? He’s worthy to perform the ordinance, and his heart is right. We can infer then, that Aaron was both worthy and his heart was right. Nadab and Abihu — not so much. There was some discussion about what it would be like if there were fireballs every time someone goofed up a prayer (naturally). These are teenagers, after all.

I was imagining a line of priests at the table. First guy tries to read the prayer; goofs. *poof* “NEXT!”, hollers the Bishop. Next kid tries. LOL.

I pointed at the questions — why must they be performed perfectly? Why must we be clean both inward and outwardly to perform the ordinances? And since we had already discussed what happens if they are done incorrectly, we let that one slide.

At this point I showed the movie “Sacrifice and Sacrament” from the DVD. It’s silly. And I warned the kids so. That old guy running around and jumping through a cement rainbow — it was pretty crazy. When I watched it I was afraid that kid might actually kill the goat. Thank heaven he didn’t. They got through all that (And btw–there’s a car in the background) and to the sacrifice part. I ended the movie before the two men go outside bc I thought that ending with the prom joke kind of broke the mood.

So then I asked the kids again why it’s so important that they perform these ordinances perfectly. This time their answers were more solid. I asked them what is happening when the boys break that bread? What are they doing symbolically? You should have seen the looks on their faces. :)

I read the quote from the Student Study Guide on page 53 about the animal in us.

Now, I was really pushing for time and nearly ended here. But I wanted to cover Leviticus 25 really fast bc I am challening the kids to have a Jubilee year like in the manual. Here’s the handout I made for them. Did that in 3-4 minutes. Fin.

DS is home sick again today. I’ve been wrapping gifts and fulfilling orders and webmastering like a madwoman. Off to the Post Office and to run some errands super fast. The holiday season makes me crazy!

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