photo 2 Legitimate leaves! Day 15

Legitimate leaves! Day 15

It’s been a few days since I’ve looked at my tomato seedlings, and I’m excited to see that so many of them are looking so good! Several of the seedlings that I thought weren’t going to come up have come up. Right now only the two Italian Roma pucks remain barren. I think they probably won’t sprout — the seeds are 3 years old and weren’t fermented or anything to start out.

I’ve had the hubs watering them the past day or so. It’s a pleasant surprise to see how much they’ve grown in the past days.

I do think that starting the seedlings on the grow light earlier is made a difference on the legginess of the seedlings. This year the seedlings seem to be a lot less leggy than last. Many of the first seedlings to sprout have true leaves on them. You can easily recognize the Stupice tomatoes by their potato-shaped leaves.

Today three seedlings were still stuck in the seed coat. Last year I pinched them off and damaged some of the leaves on my seedlings. This year I decided to go ahead and remove the seedcoat again, but I was much more careful and was able to remove the seed coats without damaging the baby leaves (cotyledons). I gently pinched the seed coat and tugged gently to remove it. I found last year that without pinching the seed coat first I damaged the leaves and stunted the seedlings.

This year I started my tomatoes about 2 1/2 weeks later than I did last year. My tomatoes were ready for transplanting too early last year, and I put them in the ground too early. We ended up with two freak hailstorms that really hurt my poor tomatoes. I was able to get them back to life, but there was an incident with some herbicide that killed everything despite my valiant efforts. This year will be better — I can feel it!

I moved eight of the peat pots into the old greenhouse tray so that all the seedlings could get equal light and so they could get good circulation. Last year the seedlings in the center of the trays got a fungus from being too close together.


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