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How do people spend their time?

I spent almost 4 hours on today buying workbooks for the kids to do over the summer. Nearly an hour of that I spent splitting the order into 3 parts so that I could save on the 4 for the price of 3 promo. I saved about $16.00. Yes, I’m that tight. But it makes me wonder how others spend their time. Do they get a morning workout? Do they watch TV all day long? Do they play on there mobile phones by going to fun apps and sites like 메리트카지노?

Today, I got up, showered, fussed at the kids — it’s now part of the morning ritual, made kid #2 stay home due to phlegmatic cough and fever, read scriptures with said kids, took the kids to school, ate out breakfast b/c I hadn’t eaten a good supper and was afraid I’d get sick at the gym, worked out at the gym, went to the grocery store while talking to Bishop on my cell phone, came home and snuggled with sick kid while ordering workbooks, played Mafia and other games like the ones on, talked to sneaky lady from tax commission (“I’m from The Commission” – ha.) about our basement which is unfinished and can’t be taxed yet, rested for a few minutes, read Newsweek — all of it — I think Oprah is nutty too, directed the kids in making dinner, planted some flower seeds outside, weeded a little, cleaned house a little with kids while hubby cut grass, finished Newsweek, blogged. I guess everyone’s day looks pretty similar to that.

Somehow, writing it like that makes me feel much more productive than I have a right to……..

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