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General Conference and Social Media

This is part of an email I sent out with our ward calendar as a general conference report. I’m copying it here because of the social networking links.

    I’m going to take a bit of liberty and make a General Conference report here — not on the talks — but on how the Church is using technology to help us use the messages from our prophets and leaders.

    So if you’re busy, stop reading here :)

    General Conference videos of each talk were online within an hour of being given at the Church’s Official YouTube Channel, Mormon Messages. You can use these talks in your FHE lesson, share them with a friend, or embed them on your blog or website. If you don’t have cable or satellite, the Mormon Messages channel is a way for you to see conference almost immediately after the broadcast, sans MoTab. The link to Mormon Messages is here:

    The Church has also debuted a new General Conference page here that includes GREATLY improved search capabilities, limited social networking options, conference games for kids, and audio/video. It has the information from the most recent YW and RS broadcasts as well.

    and the quicklink to the children’s games is

    Most of you are aware that you can get conference streamed to you in many different languages at

    English text versions of the talks should go live the Thursday after Conference (today) at, and probably at the new beta site, too.

    This blog by Larry Richman, a director of the Church’s media and publishing, talks in more depth about this topic:…

    If you’re at work during Conference, you may not be able to listen to conference as it happens. However, you can follow conference updates using Twitter. I was among a few dozen Latter-day saints tweeting quotes from conference as they happened. Combining those tweets with several hundred other members who also posted updates or impressions, several thousand tweets went out during each session. In fact, Conference-related tweets outnumbered iPad tweets on Saturday during both sessions of General Conference! When GAs mentioned the new family search site,, that site actually crashed due to members checking it out and non-members being directed there through Tweets. At one point General Conference was one of the top 10 tweeted topics worldwide! You can do some social networking missionary work with your tweets by adding the hashtag #ldsconf to your tweets next year.

    Facebook users can follow the Church’s official pages here:……

    You can also follow these folks on Twitter for LDS conference related tweets:
    @mormonmessages (official)
    @ldsconf (not official)

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