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Easy garden hoops for low tunnel shade

We came up with this simple way of making a small hoop house for lettuce a couple of years ago. It uses lengths of 3/4 inch PVC and 1 inch PVC to make the hoops. I’ll buy snap clips from Johnny’s to attach some shade cloth as it gets warmer.

PVC pipe. The 3/4 inch stuff is bent from precious years’ use. We cut new thick stuff this year bc the first one s I cut were too short at 12 inches. These are about 16-18 inches long, cut on an angle so they can be hammered into the ground easily.
Closeup of the angled cuts.
Two hoops up. You can see how the hoops fit into the larger PVC pipes. I’ve ordered some PVC pipe clips and I’ll use those to put on a shade cover when it gets a bit warmer.
Here’s all three hoops up.
Bonus shot of the rose bush trellis we just expanded. That’s a New Dawn Rose. One hog panel just wasn’t enough.

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