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Duty to God finally catches up to Personal Progress

I was delighted to hear about the changes to the Duty to God program announced at the Priesthood session of General Conference this weekend. Here’s the video at Mormon Messages:

Materials should be delivered to units worldwide in June, and use should begin immediately. First, learn about a gospel principle, and strive to gain a spiritual testimony about why it’s important. Then make a plan for how to implement that principle. They are trying to teach children to take personal responsibility for their spiritual progression — love it! Then share your experience with others, with the intent of learning how to share for future missionary work.

I have long said we’d have better success with DTG if it was more like Personal Progress — not aligned with the year/office you are. I think the new work at your own pace styling will help a lot. I also like that the program will have a greater emphasis on building testimony, like the Personal Progress program. I think aligning the programs more closely will help parents focus on the testimony-strengthening elements in each and simplify the implementation of the program in the home.

I am also thrilled they are specifically asking leaders to talk about the DTG (and now PP) programs at Mutual and Sunday meetings.

Yay for Church leaders!

The Church’s webteam is creating a new website which will be located at . I assume it’s supposed to go live in June (now it’s just pointing at a FAQ about the changes), but if it does, I’ll have to eat my shoes. I haven’t seen a church website go live on time yet.

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