D&C 24-29

D&C 24-29

This lesson felt a lot better to me for some reason.  I didn’t spend as much time on Emma as I expected to, given the audience, but it worked out fine.

My outline is pretty sparse, but I’ll try to fill in the deets. Started out by asking students to look over these sections and share what they liked.  This always opens a good discussion.  Once they came back to Emma, I started in with the lesson proper.

D&C 25 – Elect

  • Tossed in some biographical information as it came up about Emma.  Some was from Mormon Engima and other bits from Rough Stone Rolling and some from Mormon Polygamy.
  • What does elect mean?  Cf to D&C 29:7

D&C 27 – Armor of God

  • Before class I printed out images I scalped from Google images of different types of armor.  Some may have special copyright, so I won’t post links here.  I used a modern day helmet, though, (this is a military area and modern helmets are a lot better than the old ones), and the sword I got was from the Hobbit (it glows when its near orcs — warns of danger, just like the spirit can).
  • I assigned pairs of students to each of the types of armor and gave them a picture to look at.  Each student group was assigned to answer the questions and share with the class using this handout.

This was fun, and insights were great.

One of my students is seriously vision impaired and can’t read regular text, so I assigned her to the nicest person in the class thinking she’d step up and read the stuff to the other student.  She didn’t.  So I got with her and read the quotes and questions aloud to her so she could participate.  I decided I needed to adapt my handouts better to her and did so with great success in the next lesson.

D&C 29 – The Millennium

For this bit, I was running out of time after the Armor of God activity, so I just spent a few minutes talking about the order of events at the time of the second coming related in this section.  I just drew a little timeline thing on the board.  Worked fine.

On this day, a random person showed up for the class as well.  When she figured out this was a Mormon class, she was pretty shocked.  At first I think she thought it might be an anti-class since I was talking about the organization of the church, but when it became apparent we were believers, she escaped pretty fast. :)

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