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Chest Wound

Kept DS home from school today to take him to the doctor. He was wandering around in the basement last night in the dark and crashed into a ladder. He hit his chest pretty hard, and when it was still hurting in the morning I decided to go get it checked out just in case. He’s been playing football at recess, and I didn’t want him to play if his ribs were cracked or broken.

Turned out it was nothing more than a bad bump. I took him with me while I ran some errands, and we had lunch together Lone Star (which “rocks”). He didn’t like it so much when I made him go lay in his bed to get the rest the doctor ordered. He was so bored he was asking when DD would come home. Finally I had him call Grandpa for someone to commiserate with. They had fun talking about how DS was suffering. :)

And the whole reason I’m blogging about what was an entirely ordinary day is so I could post this feller, who was still dressed in his Christmas best at the doctor’s office:

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