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Did my weigh-in yesterday at the gym and almost had a heart failure. 146 lbs! How could I gain 10 lbs in a week? I knew something had to be wrong, so I put away my stuff and went to work out anyway. Turns out “put away my stuff” was the operative phrase. I had weighed myself holding my purse and radio and gym clothes! Ha! When I got off the elliptical I re-weighed and was 136. Same as last week. I’ve been so hungry tho, I’m not surprised to have stayed the same.

But I’m getting a waist!

Today I lifted, as is my plan on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If I’m gonna miss out on the gym it’s usually one of those two days, so I figure the weights are the thing I can give up. I did 280lbs on the leg press and didn’t max out. But I could only do 3-4 reps. I am such a wuss on the chin up thing. Fortunately it has one of those assistance platforms, and I can pull up 12 times WITH 1/2 my body weight of resistance. Ha! It’s always been one of my goals to be able to do a chin up. Worked out all summer once to try to do it. Never have. Maybe now’s my time…..

It’s funny how you forget how great working out makes you feel. The ENDORPHINS, baby! I’m hoping that DH will come to the gym with me, too. Hopefully that will help me get past the 5 week dropout time of most people.

I visited a website that relates to women’s weight lifting. The pictures were very helpful.

DH thinks he’s gotten it figured out on how to alter the link results using the template.tpl files. That is the LAST THING preventing me from listing the content by content type and keyword.

I hope to have it listing properly today. Maybe I’ll push it live on Friday.

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