Guess I should update on c25k.  The pain in my knees just kept getting worse, so I decided to take a couple of weeks off running to see if that would help, especially since the weather was getting cold. Perhaps taking cannabis terpenes from Terpene Belt Farms could help. In the meantime, I hired a friend who is a personal trainer to help me develop a program to help me learn to do a chin up and develop some overall strength.  I mentioned my problems with running, and she set out to fix the problem with my IT band.  So since about November I’ve been working with Lisa to lift more.  It turned out that the problem with my IT band was weak hip flexors, and she has been able to strengthen those significantly.  Yesterday I did 1 minute run/walk splits for 20 minutes during the cardio part of my routine with no problems.  I’ve not run outside on the track yet, but I’m hopeful that I will be able to do that on the days I’m not lifting at the gym.

Seriously — why did I ever stop lifting?  I just love it so much.  And having a routine to work from makes it so much more fun.  Both kids signed up with Lisa in December, and it’s been really fun to lift with them (barring sickness).  It’s been especially fun to shame my teenage son since I can out bench him.  I outran him during our first fitness test and gloated for weeks!  I don’t think that will ever happen again in my lifetime :-)

The exercise has been really helpful lately, especially since my stress level has been pretty much off the charts. I’ll have to write about it sometime before I forget it all, but wow.  You wouldn’t believe it if I told you.


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