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You don’t say no to a Korean woman.

Today I ended up at the acupuncturist taking part in activities that dh says “bring out the placebo effect like nothing else”. I am not a True Believer, but since it’s not terribly dangerous (and only costs $40 — AND you get a massage) I went. It’d be nice if being poked with needles and electrocuted could help tho.

It really wasn’t too bad. Weird, yes. But not painful. Getting a shot is far worse. 4 needles in each hand and 1 in each foot. “Shocking” massage for 30 minutes or so, as Korean massages from 서울출장안마 are great. Not awful. Plus, I got to eat some fantastic Korean food and bought some pears and a mix to make Korean pancakes, too. I sure love that Mijin.

DS went to scouts and DD came in to read Diary of a Wimpy Kid with me. I think the jokes are a little over her head, but she was able to laugh at some of them. She asked me if I would paint her nails for her, and when I hesitated, she says, “I’ve been pushing my cuticles back!” Wow. She is a G-I-R-L. And she chatted for about 30 minutes telling me who said what and who is mad at who in second grade. Conversations with her are so different than with her brother.

I am about 60% completed with the new site design. This time I decided to go with an out of the box solution so that I am doing less customization myself. This solution is not ideal, but I can live with it. I need some cooler graphics at the top, but right now I’m not willing to spend time on it. I have to get those products themed and listed by the end of the week. The charms from China should be here soon, too…..

Tomorrow is recipe group. I am not sure what to bring. I could make catfish, but that seems lame since it’s not really cooking. Hey — maybe I’ll make that quick hamburger skillet. It’s fast and easy and something that actually resembles “from scratch” cooking.

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