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A new gig

Well, my tenure as YW secretary will be over when Girl’s Camp is done. Sunday I was called as early-morning seminary teacher for our unit. I’d be lying if I said I was thrilled at the prospect at first, but I’m getting more and more excited about the ideas I’m getting. I’ve never actually attended early morning seminary. We had home study seminary with once per week lessons at the Church. This is going to be quite the experience. Due to some logistical problems at the Church (space) and at my house (traveling husband), Jared and I approached the Bishopric about holding Seminary in our home. They have tentatively given approval, pending discussion with the ward council. I’m hoping it will work out so that I don’t have to find a sub for a week every month. It is also closer to my house than to the Church for a majority of the kids. Plus, the kids can be bussed (sp) from my house if they are in my school district. We have just finished our basement, and it’d be nice to have it filled with kids from church. My kids will love it! Without the restrictions on cooking, we will have access to a kitchen and no restrictions on food preparation. We will also have easy internet access, DVD player, and VCR … and a foosball table. Ha! So, I figure I’ll start blogging about the process in case other teachers are beginning to prepare for the Old Testament lessons next year, or are just starting out like me. Guess this means the online helps for Seminary teachers are about to get a whole lot better :)

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