The carrots sprouted!

The carrots have sprouted! I am thrilled! I thought maybe I had killed them by neglecting to water them at first. Both the carrot seed tape and the loose carrot seeds sprouted. Hooray!

I planted put the first of the fall plants: kohlrabi, radish, onion, leeks, celery, and broccoli.

I got some beans and a Cherokee Purple and a Marvel Stripe. Here are some pictures of the stuff that I’ve got in house:

I saved some seeds from that weird tomato from the farmer’s market and the Lima beans:

I think that the smaller squash may be dying. Here’s a picture from yesterday and today:

I thought it would be nice to take a picture of how scraggly tomato plants start looking this time of year:

I stole an image from NCTomatoMan’s blog the other day. If his garden looks like this, it’s okay for mine to look a little rough:

Craig Lehoullier’s driveway garden

I put some fertilizer on the tomatoes, squash, and beans. It was high nitrogen, which isn’t really the best for the time of year, but the package was open.