Why I’m switching from Drupal to WordPress

Despite years of fighting with Drupal to try to speed it up, I’ve just never been able to get things going fast enough.  We tried everything — even paid for a second file server for downloads — to try to handle the load.  Never could do it.  A few months back I decided to switch to WordPress.  Here’s the result:


That’s out of the box.  I’m using Vantage theme for WordPress.

Yeah.  That’s why I’m switching.

I’ve spent more money on WordPress than I did on plugins for Drupal (it’s so easy).  WordPress is so much easier to use.

The one disadvantage WordPress has is that it doesn’t do multisite correctly, but I understand why.  Whatever — I can live with multiple WordPress installations, though it’s not ideal.  It’s just so much easier than freaking Drupal.  God bless you, WordPressers.