Finally Fire

We finally got the fireplace mantle up. Let’s not talk about the argument we had when Jared hung it on the wall like a picture frame, 1/2” off the ground. Let’s just talk about how great it looks:

I will do the finish caulking tomorrow or next week
Antiqued raised pattern Spanish tile with a marble inlay

I think it turned out nicely, and miraculously our marriage is still in tact. This is a Pearl Fireplace. I got the tile in Woodbridge at Floor and Decor. I was going to grout but decided it would be too difficult to remove later since there’s a significant overlap of the tile and the edges of the fireplace insert, so the tile is caulked between the spaces. I hope it makes it easier to remove later if we ever decide to change it.

It looks like it’s always been there. Now I’ve got a “big” item on every wall, which I think balances the space. Yay us.

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