10,000 visitors?

AWStats says Mormon Share had over 10,000 visitors on Saturday, and nearly 8,000 on Sunday. I’m a little suspicious of those results. Heretofore, 7,000 has been the most I’ve had in one day. I don’t really have a good way to gauge it myself, because I got sick with the stomach flu on Saturday. I was totally bummed because I had to pass off the lesson (that I’ve been planning for _months_), on to our Elder’s Quorum president to handle alone. I’m still feeling crummy today, and hungry, too, but I’m scared to eat. I have to do the Bishop’s storehouse orders tho. Guess it’ll be by phone. :(

I’m tired. Going to make these last calls and go to bed.

I changed to my default theme now that Christmas is well past. I like blue :).