Young Women Leadership Training Handouts

I posted my Young Women leadership training handouts online at today!    I made these young women class presidency leadership training handouts for the bishopric to use when they issue calls to new young women class presidency members.  We have found that often class presidencies and parents do not understand the expectations for their calling, so I created these files to help young women and parents understand what their assignment entails.

There are three Class Presidency Leadership Training Handouts, each describing one of the callings: class president, class secretary, and class counselor.  There’s a section on ministering, administering, meetings to attend, and training.

I also made Young Women Presidency leadership training handouts for adult young women leaders at the same time.  It has helped me focus in on my responsibilities as young women president and helped me understand the duties of my secretary and counselors.  Ideally, these handouts will be passed out by the bishopric or branch presidency at the time a new calling is issued.  You might also use them as training sheets for stake meetings or presidency meetings.

Maybe you’ve known someone who felt blind-sided by the time-requirements and expectations of a new calling.  My father-in-law believes that this frustration is caused by not receiving good instruction about the expectations and time requirements of a calling when it is issued.  If you don’t know you are expected to help out with stake dances, and it’s not in the handbook, you’re probably going to be angry when you have to give up a Saturday night.  This document is an attempt to help eliminate that frustration for future young women leaders and update advisers on their new responsibilities.

For example, we are finding that advisers accept callings expecting that they will only be teaching on Sundays because they served in young women in the past.  This handout clarifies what the adviser responsibilities are in the new handbook.  We find that advisers who are trained with the new expectation are much more helpful to our presidency.

There are four Young Women Presidency leadership training handouts, each describing one of the callings: president, secretary, counselor, and adviser.  There’s a section on ministering, administering, meetings to attend, and training.