Jenny Smith

Jenny Smith

Jenny Smith

Jenny Smith – self-portrait, 2010


Hi, I’m Jenny Smith. If I’m not online, I’m doing something on the following list:

  • Working in my calling as Ward Music Chairperson
  • Laundry. Again.
  • Toting kids to piano and Scouts and band and art and voice and mutual and …
  • Watching Star Trek: Enterprise! Crying because Enterprise was canceled! fReAkiNg because there is going to be a new Star Trek Movie (please, God, don’t let it be lame!). Waiting not-so-patiently for the new movie to be out on DVD because IT WAS GREAT! There is a God! Waiting for the next Star Trek film to come out!!!
  • Reading
  • Watching a movie (favorites: Pride and Prejudice, While You Were Sleeping, Horatio Hornblower series; Much Ado About Nothing; Emma; Sense and Sensibility; Victoria & Albert — good grief. I sound like an Anglophile — Lion King; Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves; Hunt for Red October; Princess Bride; Lord of the Rings; all the Star Treks except Generations — the one when they killed Kirk)

Whar you stay?

I grew up in a small town in Mississippi where I attended a small Branch until age 18. Though living there was a trial in many ways, I gained a very strong testimony of the Gospel there. My daddy is a first-generation convert, and my mother’s family has several generations of Mormon ancestry.

the Farm

Poplar Grove Farm, Est @1820

After High School graduation, I attended Brigham Young University, where I got my Bachelor of Arts  in Design, emphasis Industrial Design. I love school, and in addition to the required BYU Religion minor, have partial minors in Marketing and Computer Science, all of which have helped greatly in creating, tweaking, and promoting this website.

After marrying an Aggie I moved to Logan, Utah. Next we lived in Sandy and then Riverton, Utah. We have recently moved to northern Virginia where we live on a 300+ acre farm that’s been in the family for 8 generations now.

I’ve had the good fortune to acquire an incredibly supportive husband and two very good-natured children.

Is that you in the picture at the top of the website with your feet sticking up in the air?

You’d be surprised how often I am asked that question. Sorry to disappoint, but no — it’s not me. I buy most of the photos for this site at iStockPhoto, including that one.

This is me with a James Doohan lookalike at Dragon*con 2011

This is me with a James Doohan look-alike at Dragon*con 2011

Which is your favorite Star Trek series?

Gosh, I don’t know. I love the Original Series, or the Next Generation. I went to college for the last 2-3 seasons of DS9 and missed most of the last part of those, so I guess I like those the least. I liked Voyager alright, but never got to love Janeway, and LOVED Enterprise — what was Paramount thinking???? I even donated to the Save Enterprise fan fund to pay for series production. Arg.

What do you watch on TV since Enterprise was canceled?

Mostly NCIS, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, and Murdoch Mysteries.

I mostly wish they’d bring back Cosby Show reruns to prime time. There’s just nothing on….

Favorite Book of Mormon story?

I love the parts in Alma that deal with Alma, Alma the Younger and Corianton. I love to read how they made mistakes and yet grew into stalwart church members, sharing the wisdom of their experience with others (me included). It helps me understand that God doesn’t expect perfection, just best effort, and that past wrongs don’t prevent future rights.

Favorite scripture?

John 16:33: “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

Jenny Smith

This was my first selfie. Really. 2014.

Favorite color?


Favorite food?

This is a hard one for me. I love to eat most anything. I am especially partial to Southern foods like gumbo and grits. I love catfish and boiled peel-and-eat shrimp, but now that I’m a Westerner-by-marriage I like steak and salmon. I make a mean Fried Green Tomato and have finally gotten my yellow cornbread recipe right for this altitude (originally written in Utah). I could live on tomatoes and corn.

Confession: I am EXTREMELY picky about orange juice. I only drink Simply Orange.

Confession 2: I don’t like pie. Not apple, not key lime, not chocolate… I hate the slimy crust layer. Ick.

Favorite restaurant?

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite. We eat at as many different places as possible, trying to support local restauranteurs when possible.  Here locally I love Eileen’s, FoodE, The Happy Clam, Smyrna, El Gran Charro, Soup and Taco, Sam’s Pizza, and Worst Deli (it’s the best).

Favorite Vacation?

With Daughter in England, 2010

With CutestKidInTheWorld in England, 2010

Anywhere with bad weather and broken internet access. :)  Our family visits the Shenandoah National Forest every year during the fall to enjoy apples — that’s probably our favorite vacation spot.

I like to travel and have visited Mexico, Canada, Bahamas, England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, France, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Israel, Egypt, and South Korea.

I’ve visited these US states: Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, Michigan, Kansas, Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Washington, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, Nevada, Minnesota, West Virginia, and the newest to the list, Maine.

hanging tomato

No ferns hanging on my front porch — just tomatoes….

Other Interests/Oddities

  • The week I got married, I attended two graduation ceremonies (both mine), attended four receptions in four states (all mine), attended two weddings (one was mine), and attended a funeral (not mine).
  • I have a tomato obsession and recently got into growing heirlooms.  At right is a Stupice growing in a hanging container on my front porch
  • Amateur Radio Operator: KC5FTK
  • Member of the Patawomeck Indian Tribe, of Pocahontas fame.
  • Recipient of “Protector of Children Award” from for recognition of efforts to protect children from exposure to indecent materials
  • I’m a (reluctant) member of the Overwharton Parish Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.