Month: December 2011

Leviticus 10 – Priesthood

I think today we learned some stuff that got us thinking. I hope some of it stuck, especially for our young Aaronic priesthood holders. On the board I wrote “Why is it important that priesthood ordinances be performed by those who are clean inside and outside?” and “What happens if a priesthood ordinance is done

Prince of Egypt and Leviticus

Seminary was canceled on Thursday due to the extreme flooding in the area. Since I do my lessons based on the reading that the kids are doing, we ended up skipping Exodus 29. Leviticus 1, 3, 4:1-22 Friday’s lesson was on the symbolism of animal sacrifice in the Old Testament. The lessons in the manual

Moses: The Movie .. and the Tabernacle

After this blog entry I’ll be all caught up! Monday and Tuesday we spent reviewing what we’ve learned so far on Moses and making movies. The kids wrote out their scriptures which had to include: some scripture languagea power phrase (pretty much all of them forgot this) and had to be finished TODAY Last time

Ten Commandments and Beyond

For the 10 commandments lesson, I wrote the following chart on the board: 1 – Deuteronomy 5:1–8 2 – footnote f, D&C 68:25 3 – footnote b, Mormon 7:7, D&C 58:30 4 – Exodus 31:12–17, Deuteronomy 5: 12–15 5 – Deuteronomy 11: 8–9, 17, 21; Helaman 7:24 6 – footnote a 7 – 8 –

Israelites in the Wilderness

I realized I was behind but wow….. 2 weeks! It’s been so long now that I can barely remember what I did for Exodus 14-15. My lesson outline literally has 2 sentences and two scripture references written down. That’s it. I know we started with having the kids write down something that was new or