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Come Follow Me — That’s the Point

A few weeks ago I saw a poll that got me thinking. This Week in Mormons asked who was feeling successful with Come Follow Me. Here are the results: At the time of this poll, I was reading the CFM material on my own, but our family had given up trying to study together. The

Scripture Study Helps for Seminary

  Day two — successful completion! Today was scripture study helps. When I split our class into zones, I made sure each zone had at least one Freshman. Today we played scripture mastery jeopardy Mentor/Minion style. Upperclassmen were Mentors, and Freshmen were Minions. The Mentors were responsible to teach their Minions some valuable things about

Scripture Mastery and Study Skills Tool Kit

I thought I’d post a few pictures of the items I created before class this year. Some of these are what I call Five Minute Fillers, while others are just tools for scripture mastery games: Here’s the collection. I made these new testament scripture mastery Classroom sized flash cards. They are printed on card stock