Fall Pomegranate and leaf

I painted two pomegranate still lifes and a leaf for LMA today. I think the second still life turned out pretty well: I’m still trying to figure out how to paint leaves. I’m finding that I can’t fake it — I require a reference photo. It made a huge difference on the second set of leaves I did.

Watercolor storm

I am too chicken to share my work on Faacebook (haha—I accidentally typed Farcebook. Maybe I’ll start using that name…), and so I’ve been posting it over on Instagram where I have just a few followers. Several people have talked about how much they like my work IRL, and I’ve even been asked to TEACH people how to do it.…

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Kitty Cat and other work

I’m still painting — here are some pictures of some of my work: I am terrible at leaves, as you will agree. I was home sick on Sunday and Jared painted with me. It was once of the nicest things he’s ever done ❤️❤️❤️ We did a little painting exercise with Frank Clarke (hilarious) who teaches you to paint people…

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Succulent in a pink pot

Behold: my first commission! Okay, so I didn’t get paid for it. And it’ll probably hang in a bathroom. And a family member asked for it — guess who? But I’m okay with it. I like the shadow and pot on try 2 best. The leaves are pretty darn good in try 3. Try 1 almost made me sleep badly,…

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I mentioned I’m doing a watercolor subscription. This isn’t from this month’s box, but I’m trying to paint at least once a week and had a hole: The orange ones were first and were terrible, so I decided to stop and apply what I learned and try again. The pink was second, blue last. Sydney has me cut out the…

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Watercolor Changes and Joseph Smith

I signed up for a watercolor subscription service. It’s been fun to take up a new hobby! I’ve always wanted to learn to paint. I have a bachelor’s degree in design, but I never got to take any of the 300 and 400 level classes in my specialization, BFA Industrial Design, because I was getting married and had the opportunity…

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