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Why do 18-22 year olds leave the Church?

Our stake recently began a new push to get our college-age students attending our singles branch. There are some 500+ single adults in our stake, and about 30 of those attend sacrament meeting in the branch. While some of them do hold callings in home wards, most of them have simply stopped attending church altogether.

10 Tips for Giving a Great Talk

Primary Object Lesson Talks You will get some good ideas from my LDS Object Lessons for simple Primary talks. Top Ten tips for Giving a Great Talk by┬áRobert Felts, New Era, August 2000 from LDS.org Accept the assignment cheerfully, and pray for guidance, especially if you aren’t comfortable with the assigned topic. Start outlining your

Utilizing Internet Tools to Fulfill the Three-fold Mission of the Church

With the increase in use of social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook, LDS church members are finding exciting ways to preach the gospel and fulfill their callings using online tools. Proclaiming the Gospel LDS App – This clever Facebook App will help you share information about your faith more easily on Facebook. “Most Church