A moment of silence

Let’s have a moment of silence for all the Girls Camp leaders who left for camp today knowing: Tonight a first year will barf. Tomorrow a second year will call her mom to come get her, and there’s a 50/50 chance mom will blame you. Thursday a third year will be injured, probably while pranking or climbing something forbidden. Friday…

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Young Women Bracelet Kit with Sparkly Bling!

I’ve been planning to update my Young Women Jewelry Kit for some time now, and today it finally happened!  You have got to check out my new Young Women Bracelet Kit with Sparkly Rhinestone Rondelle Spacers! I had so much fun shopping for and practicing with these new rondelle spacers!  I have never used them before, but they add so much…

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young women bracelet

A New Gig

Just about the time I thought that leading the music during sacrament meeting would kill me off with boredom, I was called to be the Young Women president in our ward. Bored no more. Apparently the stake and the ward got in a turf war over me, and I am thrilled that the ward won, tbh. I’d have been Stake…

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