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2 Nephi 9-19

The title of this entry makes it sound like I’ve got a whole lot of catching up to do.  Truthfully — nope. I caught a cold last Monday and by Tuesday I was wasted and had to cancel class, so I didn’t teach 2 Nephi 11,16.  The next two days, my husband taught. My plan

2 Nephi 2 part 1, The Fall

Wow.  This was a difficult lesson.  I read on the Facebook group that one teacher spent five days on 2 Nephi 2.  I thought that was ridiculous, but after today, I can see why. I got a Facebook message on Friday from a student saying that she was bringing an investigator to class. This is

Adam is Obedient and the Fall

I got up this morning a little earlier than usual, which was a good thing. I had not cleaned up the basement or set up the tables, so it took me a good bit of work to get ready for class this morning. The first group of kids helped me set up chairs, and so