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Free Missionary Prints (Sister)

 I decided to create some simple 5×7 missionary quotes /sayings.They could be printed off and sent to your favorite missionary for their study area, used as a missionary handout, or printed off and framed! Feel free to print off and use by visiting belowhttp://courtneyaitken.blogspot.com/2013/08/dear-missionary-missionary-prints-elder.html 

Future Missionary with Tie and Tag

I created this fun piece of clipart for future missionaries. It includes a colorful tie with the Angel Moroni on it and a missionary name tag that reads Future Missionary.

Fun for Primary or anyone planning on serving the Lord.

This clipart comes in a variety of colors, the other colors can be found at LatterDayClipart.com

Father’s Day / Missionary Tie Card

This is a template for the Father’s Day Tie Card, sometimes called the Shirt and Tie Card.

1) Print the template — any weight or color of paper is fine. The borders will not be visible if you print from the PDF (recommended). If you are printing the PDF version and the borders show, go to the Print Dialog (the window that comes up when you choose File->Print) and change the “Page Scaling” option to “None”. If printing the JPEG or GIF, you may have to trim along the dotted borders. Use your library’s paper cutter if you have many sheets to cut.

2) Fold the paper along the long black line in the center of the template (in half the short way).

3) Cut along the dotted lines.

4) Fold the collar along the lines marked fold.

5) Tape or glue the collar down.

6) Decorate as desired.

*** Note: to open this card without damaging the collar, fold along the imaginary collar line on the back of the card. This also makes the card so it will stand up. ***

My kids made a sample tie card