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kids on fence

You’re an integral piece of our Primary!

Please join us for a Primary Board meeting from 3:30-4:30pm in the Primary room next Sunday.

Would you please prepare to share an experience, a question, a short vignette of a child. Let’s learn together how to strengthen our children and help them come unto Christ.

Thanks for all you are and do for the children.

Childcare can be arranged and there will be fresh bread and jam!

Reminding Children to Bring Scriptures

I visited another unit this weekend, and saw this poster on the Primary bulletin board. The stickers read “I brought my scriptures to Primary”, and you can see that one poster has been completely filled up and the other is already pretty full.

I assume that children are given the stickers (which are just regular old standard Avery Printer Labels) to paste on the poster when they remember their scriptures.

A great idea!

I Know My Savior Lives Because…. Bulletin Board

This is the bulletin board in the Primary room of a building I visited this week. It has the Primary theme with the word because and pictures of the Savior along with slips of paper where each child has written how he or she knows the Savior lives.

The picture isn’t great because I took it with my cell phone, but you can make out the theme okay.

I love this idea because it promotes the children’s participation and would be super easy to create!

RS Presidency Magnets

This was part of the welcome packet used by one Relief Society Presidency to welcome new move-ins to the area.

They also used these magnets as birthday gifts for less-active members. Click on magnet below to get this image as a blank.

These images were printed on ink-jet magnet sheets and cut out using a paper cutter.

Click to find out more information on welcoming new members.

RS Roll Marking Bookmarks for YW and Primary

Kris submitted this idea for getting the attendance of Young Women and Primary leaders and having it submitted back to the RS Secretary for recording.

Kris says, “I made this for myself to use so that I could collect the names of the Sisters, it just helps when things get busy and saves getting scraps of paper with Sisters names and no other relevant details. … I also included a R/Soc Logo on the bookmark so that it was easily recognizable to be returned to Relief Society by YW/Primary. (Also if it was misplaced along the way, hopefully some kind soul would return it to Relief Society).”

The Relief Society seal is copyright 2007, Intellectual Reserve. Used by permission.

4 per page, 8.5 x 11 inches, black and white.

Sunbeam Class Introduction Gift

Brindy A. shared these cute magnets. She says, “These are magnets I made for my sunbeams at the first of the year for ‘Meet Your Teacher’ day. These can be used for birthdays or whatever. I have pink for girls and blue for boys. I used the clear flat rocks (found at craft stores). I put the rocks on top of the picture, traced it with a pencil and then cut it out. I then got E6000 clear craft adhesive (also found at a craft store) to glue to it. After they were dry I glued a magnet on the back. In my little note to attach to the small gift box I said “Welcome to Sunbeams! We are SO excited that you are in our primary class. We are going to have a lot of fun this coming year! Use this little magnet to hang up your cute little pictures each week — it will remind you of the things we talked about on Sunday”. I thought they turned out cute and the kids loved them!”

This sounds like a fun idea for introducing nursery children to Sunbeams! Thanks!

6 magnets per image, color.