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Modern Day Prophets

They are outlined drawings of each of the modern day prophets. You can get each of the prophets individually off of my website www.myctrring.com under clip art and prophet clip art (there is also a button for it on the home page). I also have an outline of the first presidency there.

These would be great for in programs, announcements, or even as something for kids to color.


Honest Hearts

This cute handout was made by another Young Women’s leader. It has a quote from President Gordon B. Hinckley and some sweet candy hearts.

This handout was created to coordinate with YW Manual 2, Lesson 36.

The quote reads:

    “The Lord requires his people to be honest. May we desire with all our hearts to be honest in all our relationships and in all the things that we do. God will help us if we seek the strength that comes form Him. Sweet, then, will be our peace of mind and our lives. Blessed will be those with whom we live and associate. And God will bless and guide us with His loving care.” (We Believe in Being Honest, Ensign, Oct. 1990, p. 5)